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alium is an independently run restaurant using high quality, locally sourced produce.
The food focuses on classic combinations and cooking over fire.

The iconic Pumphouse in Barry is where we call home. Built circa 1880, the Pumphouse was at the heart of the town providing hydraulic power to the docks.This former industrial building has been revived and reinstated as part of the fabric of Barry.

Alium, latin for ‘another’, and of course allium is the family which includes the onion. “Another onion” is a play on words and named in homage to The Humble Onion in Dinas Powys that laid the foundation upon which we are building alium.

At the helm of alium is Chef Patron Antonio Simone, Cardiff born and raised with Italian heritage where food was always at the heart of family life. Antonio’s parents Susan and Giuliano ignited his passion for cooking and bringing people together, whilst working at their family restaurant in Barry many moons ago.

A memory that always resonates with him are his late mother’s words “When you’re here, you’re family.”

This standard is always evident.

Alium Chef Antonio Simone

Like the seasons, the menus at alium change. Reflecting when local produce is at its finest. Our beef is grazed on Welsh pastures, hand selected, dry aged for 30 days then cooked over Holm Oak lump-wood charcoal. At alium our dishes showcase many local producers from Oriel Jones to Porlock Bay Oysters, assuring quality is always paramount.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, enjoying a lunch with family, friends or colleagues or grabbing a light bite, our à la carte, Sunday lunch and bar menus offer something for everyone.

In addition to the restaurant, alium features a below ground ‘speakeasy’ serving quintessential cocktails. Outdoor seating is also available offering morsels and drinks.